Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It has been a while since our last blog post but what better way to kick the summer off than with a post about beer! As the fourth annual Eugene Beer Week is approaching next week, KAP Art has been hard at work designing new ads and menus for The Bier Stein. The Eugene Beer Week is a highly anticipated event that Eugenian's along with out-of-towner's can't wait to get the beer pouring next Monday! The Bier Stein is featuring a new chef and KAP Art has been working with their owner to help recreate their menu that provides new offerings. Make sure to look for the new menu design the next time you stop in to The Bier Stein! On top of the new menu, KAP Art has also been working on a new ad that is being featured in the Eugene Weekly Newspaper and the Eugene Magazine. KAP Art has been a key contributor in helping The Bier Stein advertise their participation in the Eugene Beer Week and we can't wait to see their art work all over town to help promote The Bier Stein and Eugene Beer Week! Below is a quick glimpse at some of the events going on next week for the big event and we hope that you take the opportunity to let The Bier Stein pour you a beer!

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