Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Re-Branding With KAP Art

I recently spoke at my Lane Leaders group and one of my topics was Re-Branding.  Many of you may have similar questions about your company logo and I decided I would share some of my thoughts on this topic.

Re-Branding Questions to ASK!
Companies will at some point come to that milestone known as “the rebrand.” For some, it happens early on once they’ve discovered who they really are while with others, it occurs after many years of having grown (or outgrown) their brand. And while a brand is so much more than a company’s logo, the logo is one of the key ambassadors to any brand. Yet, there are a number of questions that routinely come up when I start with a company to rebrand them. Here (in no particular order) are questions that need to be answered to keep the brand.

Why should I change? Because a brand is struggling or just needs a refresh.

How far do I go? “With most logo designs, the continuity between the old and the new has to be seamless so the customer will understand you’re talking about the same company, except, of course, new and improved.”

Is my logo outdated? “If you find that stylistically and visually, you see elements within your logo that appear dated, and if you feel like it has a very consistent vibe with a time period, that’s usually a good time to question it.”

What do I want my customers to “feel”? “One of the first things that I advise a small business to do is to figure out what the emotions are that you want to convey and how we can roll that into the presentation of your logo.”

Then and Now

You’ll discover that some brands go along an evolutionary track that one could basically follow. Check out Old Dominion.

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