Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Celebration @ KAP Art

On July 4th KAP Art was the site of one of our bride and grooms wedding celebrations. Odessa Wozniak became Odessa Siegel when she exchanged vows with Jake Siegel right here in our back yard. The weather was perfect the yard looked beautiful, and the KAP Art office became the bridal party changing area. The place where all the pretty happens.

We were involved from the beginning with the creation of the wedding collateral: the invitation, RSVP, information card, and thank you card. The grooms’ hobbies became the inspiration for the initial design. Jake is an avid fisherman and bow hunter. One might even describe him as bow aficionado, so we created their joint initials using a combination of an arrowhead and fishhook, which became intertwined as one. The arrowhead and fletching were carried throughout each piece of collateral.

Katy’s involvement didn’t stop with the printed pieces. Brad and Katy spent many hours prepping their yard, going so far as to put in a new lawn. Yah, that’s right, hours of ground prep prior to spreading grass seed. It seems some of the hottest days of summer happened in the midst of the seeds sprouting so careful attention had to be given to keeping the ground moist. Katy would often disappear from the office only to be found moving the hoses. All the hard work paid off, the yard looks awesome! I think we’ve all decided our children should have their weddings at the Putnam’s, the groundwork has been laid and the landscaping is beautiful.

Not sure if Katy’s willing to have her home, and KAP Art become a venue for weddings in the future but it certainly served Odessa and Jake well. The celebration went off without a hitch, and the happily ever after continues on.

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